Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions

The military, in many ways presents a unique and focused culture onto itself. Part of this culture has been the evolution of a somewhat bewildering and very extensive use of abbreviations and acronyms. To individuals inexperienced in the ‘ways’ of the military, this can often make any research or study of military records and associated items, such as medals, quite unintelligible.

One can roughly segregate these abbreviations/acronyms into several broad categories, depending on the context under which they are used. However, the truth is that most abbreviations can, and are, used fairly universally. Notwithstanding this, these divisions can be summarized as follows: 1) those used in service or operational records (i.e. of an administrative nature), 2) those giving unit, formation or organization names (i.e.of an organizational nature), 3) those indicating ranks, trades, appointments or specialized employments (i.e. of an employment nature), and 4) those used to identify medals and decorations.

Also, too, apart from the thousands of identified abbreviations, etc. that have been recorded and used at one time or another, a great deal of synonmy of military abbreviations is also present.  These arise not only as new abbreviations are required for new descriptions, but also through the development of individual bias and uniqueness that is brought on through time, relative isolation and the ever-present propensity of those bureaucratically inclined to develop new terms. One might ask, then, “how can any one individual remember this huge number of abbreviations”. The truth is that each branch of the military obviously has its own specialty and focus, and thus, its own unique language. Individuals within each of these branches, therefore, focus on those abbreviations most applicable to their duties, thereby removing the need to be familiar with every one available.

In an effort to make this source of confusion more understandable to the average researcher, following is a table of abbreviations that have been used by British and Commonwealth military forces, with a focus on the Canadian situation. This author has arbitrarily not included other nationalities, including United States examples (other than some of the higher formations that would occasionally appear in Commonwealth military documents). Those of a more international nature, especially American, would make this list tremendously long and beyond the scope of this summary. The included abbreviations range in vintage from at least the Anglo-Boer War (circa. 1900) until the present. While this list is extensive and fairly comprehensive (over 7500 unique abbreviations are listed), it is safe to say that is probably far from complete. As with international examples, to try and capture every Canadian, British or Commonwealth abbreviation, even those more or less officially recognized, is again far beyond the scope and practicality of this work. The abbreviations listed here come from a multitude of sources, some more official than others, but this author, wherever possible, has tried to confirm their validity from more than one source.

A few things to remember when using this list:

  • There is a great deal of synonymy present for similar or different descriptors. These are often due to convention, original author bias, experience and nationality. In these cases, especially when there is more than one descriptor for a single abbreviation, the reader must make a decision on which descriptor is valid. By being aware of the context of the descriptor is the best method to differentiate the proper term. Wherever possible, this author has tried to group abbreviations to recognize synonym. Likewise, this author has tried to show synonyms as separate entries if the first few letters of the abbreviation are sufficiently different to make it difficult to search alphabetically.
  • Any abbreviation can be found as upper case, lower case, or a combination of both. This does not represent inaccurate abbreviations but rather the biases and experiences of the original author. This author uses both interchangeably which is more a function of ease of editing the list rather than any other design.
  • Any abbreviation may have period punctuation of varying patterns; any abbreviation may have varying presence or absence of spacing between the letters within the abbreviation. As in the last point, this author again has arbitrarily listed (or not listed) possible combinations.
  • Many abbreviations are used interchangeably in different types of records and on medal stampings (most British and Commonwealth medals have, as a minimum, the recipient’s name, rank or specialty and unit at the time of award, stamped into the rim of the medal). These may mean different things depending upon context and should be noted when drawing conclusions.
  • Many of the abbreviations listed here originated in Commonwealth military forces where English was not used. In particular, this is true of the British India, or Indian Army. The descriptors in these cases are given, wherever possible, the English equivalent. This means that the actual abbreviation may not appear consistent to the descriptor. Where an English equivalent has not been identified by this author, the vernacular descriptor is given.

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£ s d Pounds, Shillings, Pence
11thIFofC 11th Regiment (Irish Fusiliers of Canada)
15thALI 15th Regiment (Argyll Light Infantry)
21AG 21st Army Group
29thHLI 29th Regiment (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
2IC Second in Command
2ndCOR 2nd Battalion Central Ontario Regiment
60thVRC 60th Battalion (Victoria Rifles of Canada)


A Air
A & NZ SIG SQUN, A & NZ SIG SQN Australia & New Zealand Signal Squadron
A & S HIGHRS, A&Shigh, A & SH, ASH Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders (of Canada (Princess Louise's))
A 2ND CPL Acting Second Corporal
A ADTR Assistant Administrator
A BMBR Acting Bombardier
A COMM Assistant Commissary
A CPL Acting Corporal
A CPL of H Acting Corporal of Horse
A EMP COY Area or Army Employment Company
A FWN Assistant Forewoman
A INSPR Assistant Inspector
A L/CPL, AL CPL Acting Lance Corporal
A MULE DEPOT Army Mule Depot
A NAICK, A NAIK Acting Naik
A PROV C Army Provost Corps
A SJT, A SGT Acting Sergeant
A SN MR, ASM Acting Station Master
A SUPDT Acting Superintendent
A TRSR Assistant Treasurer
A&Dbooks, A & D BOOKS Admission & Discharge Books
A&FF Acceptance & Ferry Flight (129-Trenton)
A&Q Administrative Branches of the Staff
A&T, A&T Staff Administrative and Training Staff
A, A-, a/ Acting, Assistant
A/ Acting (Rank), Assistant
A/A Anti-aircraft, Army Act
A/A, AA Anti-Aircraft
A/A, AA Assistant Adjutant
A/B Airborne
A/Bandsmn Assisting Bandsman
A/Blkmth Acting Blacksmith
A/C Air Commodore, Air Crew, Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft
A/C Aircraft
A/C/M Air Chief Marshall
A/Capt, ACCPT Acting Captain
A/CNAS(E) Assistant Chief of Naval Administration and Supply (Equipment)
A/DMin Assistant Deputy Minister
A/DNS Assistant Director of Naval Stores
A/E Aeronautical Engineering in the Fleet Air Arm
A/EA Acting Electrical Artificer
A/ERA, ACT ERA Acting Engine Room Artificer
A/G Anti-Gas
A/Joiner Acting Joiner
A/M Air Marshall
A/NCSO Acting Naval Control Service Officer
A/OA Acting Ordnance Artificer
A/P All Purpose
A/Plbr Acting Plumber
A/Pntr Acting Painter
A/RA Acting Radio Artificer
A/S Anti-Submarine
A/S QM SJT Acting Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant
A/SA Anti-Submarine Artificer
A/SD Anti-Submarine Detector
A/Sec Assistant Secretary
A/Shpt Acting Shipwright
A/SO(CO) Acting Staff Officer (Combined Operations)
A/SSFO Anti-Submarine Ship Fitting Officer
A/STTV Anti-Submarine Target Towing Vessels
A/SYacht Anti-Submarine Yacht
A/T Anti-Torpedo
A/T, A/TK, A TK, Anti-tk, Atk, A-tk Anti-Tank
AA Active Army, Army Act, Anti-Aircraft, Assistant Adjutant
AA ENGR Acting Artificer Engineer
A-A FWN, A-A FWN Acting Assistant Forewoman
AA&CD Anti-Aircraft Coast Defence
AA&QMG Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
AA(MG)BRCA Anti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
AA(MG)BRCAST Anti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery Searchlight Troop
AA(MG)TRCA Anti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
AA/BA Acting Anti-Submarine Artificer
AAA Appointed Assistant Adjutant
AAAFCRCA Anti-Aircraft Artillery Formation Camp, Royal Canadian Artillery
AAARC Artillery Anti-Aircraft Reinforcement Camp
AAB"Z"F Anti-Aircraft Battery "Z" Force (Iceland)
AABS/LTRCA Anti-Aircraft Battery Searchlight Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
AABSRCCS Anti-Aircraft Brigade Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
AABW/SRCOC Anti-Aircraft Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
AAC Army Air Corps
AACC Australian Army Catering Corps
AACU Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
AADC Anti-aircraft Defence Command
AAF Auxiliary Air Force, Allied Air Forces
AAG Assistant Adjutant-General
AAGORRCA Anti-Aircraft Gun Operations Room, Royal Canadian Artillery
AAH Australian Auxiliary Hospital
AAI Allied Armies in Italy
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps
A-AMD1 Acting-Adjutant Military District No 1
AAMWS Australian Army Medical Women's Service
AANS Army Auxiliary Nursing Service, Australian Army Nursing Service
AAOC Australian Army Ordnance Corps
AARRCA Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
AAS Air Armament School
AAS/LCoy Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company
AASC Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company, Australian Army Service Corps
AASS Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Section
AAUS&FWTC Anti-Aircraft Unit Staging & Fortress Weapon Training Camp
AB Army Book, Able Seaman
AB CPS, ABC Army Bearer Corps
AB RY BN Assam Bengal Railway Battalion
AB, AB Able Seaman (from Able Bodied)
ABCD Atomic, Biological, Chemical & Defensive Warfare Course
ABO Air Board Order
ABOCROC Armoured Brigade Ordnance Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
ABPO Army Base Post Office, Canadian Postal Corps, Advanced Base Post Office
ABPostal Able Seaman (Postal)
ABranch Adjutant General's Branch
Abs Absent, Absence
ABW/SRCOC Advanced Base Workshop (Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps)
AC Aircraft Carrier, Armoured Car, Aircraft Controlman, Army Corps, Ambulance Corps, Armourer's Crew, Aircraft, Australian Comforts Fund, Aircraftman
AC CTR Assistant Chief Controller
AC SECT Armoured Car Section
AC SGT Acting Colour Sergeant
AC&R Appointments, Commissions and Rewards
AC&WSqn Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
AC, AR CR Armourer's Crew
AC1 (1,2) Aircraftman 1st Class (2nd Class)
ACBO Acting Bombardier
ACC Army Cyclist Corps, Army Catering Corps, Anglican Church of Canada
Acc Kd Accidentally Killed
Accn Accommodation
ACCT & TR Accountant & Treasurer
ACD Army Chaplains Department
ACG Assistant Chaplain General
ACGS Assistant Chief of the General Staff
ACHQ Air Command Headquarters
ACHRCAMC Alton Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
ACHU Armoured Corps Holding Unit
ACI Army Council Instruction
ACIAF Appraisal Course Interim Army Force
ACk Assistant Cook
ACLANT Allied Command North Atlantic
AC-LT Acting Lieutenant
A-CLY TIND Acting Cooly Tindal
ACMF Allied Central Mediterranean Force
ACNB Australian Commonwealth Naval Board
ACNI Assistant Commander of Naval Information
ACNS Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff
ACO Air Cadet Officer
ACOp Aircraft Control Operator
ACOS Assistant Chief of Staff
AC-OSAILS Army Co-operative Squad Air Intelligence Liaison Section
ACO-WPA Area Commandant Order - Work Point Area
AC-QM Acting Quarter Master
ACQM SGT Acting Company Quarter Master Sergeant
ACR Armoured Car Regiment
ACS Air Cadet Squadron, Atlantic Command Signals, Airfield Construction Squadron
ACSAILSCASF Atlantic Command Squadron Army Intelligence Liaison Section, Canadian Active Service Force
AC-SE Acting Sergeant
ACSIC Atlantic Command Security Intelligence Section
ACSILS Atlantic Command Squadron Intelligence Liaison Section
ACSqn Army Co-operation Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
ACSU Acting Surgeon
ACT Annual Camp Training, Acting Rank
ACT AD Acting Adjutant
ACT AM1 Acting Air Mechanic 1st Class
ACT AR MT Acting Armourer's Mate
ACT ARMR Acting Armourer
ACT CH ARM Acting Chief Armourer
ACT CMM Acting Chief Motor Mechanic
ACT L STO Acting Leading Stoker
ACT SPO Acting Stoker Petty Officer
ACTIVE CITIZEN F Active Citizen Force
ACTLS Acting Leading Seaman
ACU Aircrew Conditioning Units
ACV Armoured Command Vehicle, Aircraft Carrier Vessels
ACW, AW(1,2) Aircraftwoman (1st, 2nd Class)
AD Air Defence, Air Dispatch, Army Department, Administration & Discipline, Arvida Defences, Aircraft Depot, Artillery Depot
AD COMM Assistant Deputy Commissary
AD CORPS, ADC Army Dental Corps
AD SVT Admirals Servant
AD&M(S) Advanced Driving and Maintenance (School)
AD&MTCRCAR Advanced Driving and Maintenance Training Centre, Royal Canadian Artillery Reinforcements
AD(Svy) Assistant Director of Surveys
ADADMS Acting-Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
ADAG Assistant Deputy Adjutant-General
ADAPS Assistant Director Army Postal Services
ADB(RdeC)CICEC Airfield Defence Battalion (Regiment de Chateauguay) Canadian Infantry Corps, East Coast
ADC Aerodrome Defence Company, Aide-de-Camp
ADCP(N) Assistant Director Civilian Personnel (Navy)
ADCS Assistant Director Chaplain Services
ADDS Assistant Director of Dental Services
ADED Assistant Director of Engineer Development
ADEN TRP Aden Troop
ADES Assistant Director of Engineer Services, Assistant Director of Educational Services
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADGMS Assistant Director General Medical Services
ADGT Assistant Director General of Transportation
ADH Australian Dermatalogical Hospital
ADHOC(G) Ad Hoc Greek Battalion
ADHQ Air Defence Headquarters
ADIO Assistant Director of Internment Operations
Adj, Adjt Adjutant
ADL Assistant Director of Labour
ADLR Assistant Director of Light Railways
ADM(N) Assistant Deputy Minister (Naval)
Adm, Adm'd Admitted, Administration
Adm, Admin Administration, Administrator, Admitted
AdmClk Administrative Clerk
ADMGO Assistant Deputy Master General of Ordnance
ADMIN O Administrative Order
ADMS Assistant Director of Medical Services
ADNO Assistant Director Naval Ordnance
ADNP Assistant Director of Naval Personnel
ADOS Assistant Director of Ordnance Services
ADP Automatic Data Processing, Aerodrome Defence Platoon
ADPC Assistant Director of Pay Corps
ADPM Assistant Director Provost Marshal
ADQMG Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General
ADQMG(AE) Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General (Army Equipment)
ADR Airfield Damage Repair
ADRCAPC Aldershot Detachments, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
ADRCASC Area Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
ADRT Assistant Director Railway Traffic
ADS Assistant Director of Sanitation, Assistant Director of Services, Army Dressing Station, Advanced Dressing Station
ADS&T, ADST Assistant Director of Stores (Supplies) and Transport
ADSRCS Armoured Divisional Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
ADTC(CAD)RCASC Armoured Division Troops Company (Canadian Armoured Division), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
ADTCSRCASC Armoured Division Troop Carrying Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
ADTD Assistant Director Technical Division
ADTech Air Defence Technician
ADTN Assistant Director Transportation
ADUC Advanced Driving Universal Carriers
Adv Advance(d)
ADV LHQ Advanced Land Headquarters
ADVS Assistant Director of Veterinary Services
Advtrg Advanced Training
ADW/SPACRCASC Advanced Detachment Workshop Pl Art Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
AE Algerine Escorts
AEC Army Educational Corps, Area Employment Company, Army Enlistment Centre, Army Education Corps
AED Ammunition Empties Detachment
AEF Allied Expeditionary Force, American Expeditionary Force
AEinC Assistant Engineer in Chief
AEM Air Engine Mechanic
AEME Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
AERE Aerospace Engineer
AETech Aero Engine Technician
AF Anglo French, Army Form, Active Force, Air Fitter
AFA Army (or Australian) Field Artillery
AFA Australian Field Artillery
AFBRCCS Army Field Brigade, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
AFC Air Force Cross, Armed Forces Council, Australian Flying Corps
AFHQ Allied Forces Headquarters, Air Force Headquarters
AFI Auxiliary Forces, India
AFM Air Force Medal, Air Frame Mechanic
AFO Admiralty Fleet Orders
AFPac Allied Forces Pacific
AFPO Armed Forces Post Office
AFR Anglo French
AFR N MED C African Native Medical Corps
AFRS Army Field Regiment Signal, Armed Forces Radio Service
AFRSRCASC Army Field Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
AFS Advanced Flying School
AFSC Armed Forces Staff College
AFSCRCASC Armed Forces Sleeper Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
AFSS Army Field Security Section
AFTech Airframe Technician
AFTS Applied Flying Training School
AFTU Air Fighter Training Unit
AFU Advance Flying Unit, Air Fighting Unit
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle
AFVW/SSRCOC Armoured Fighting Vehicle Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
AFW/SRCOC Army Field Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
A-FWN Acting Forewoman
AG Adjutant General, Air Gunner
AG (1, 2, 3) Adjutant General (1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade)
AGB Adjutant General's Base
AGC Adjutant General's Corps
AGCB Awarded Good Conduct Badge
AGGTS Air Gunners Ground Training School
AGH Australian General Hospital
AGHU "A" Group Holding Unit
AGRA Army Group Royal Artillery
AGRCA Army Group Royal Canadian Artillery
AGRCAS Army Group Royal Canadian Artillery Signals
AGRE Army Group, Royal Engineers
AGRU "A" Group Reinforcement Unit
AGS Allied Geographic Section, Army Gymnastic Staff
AG'S OFFICE Adjutant General's Office
AGTS Aircrew Graduate Training Schools
AGYMST, A GYM ST Army Gymnastic Staff
AH Aircraft Handler
AHC, AH CPS, AH CORPS Army Hospital Corps
AHQ Army Headquarters, Air Headquarters
AHQCAPO Area Headquarters Canadian Army Post Office
AHU Administrative and Holding Units, Artillery Holding Unit
AI Acting Interpreter, Assistant Instructor
AIB Allied Intelligence Bureau, "A" Infantry Battalion
AIC Australian Instructional Corps
AICVGOFC Angler Internment Camp Veterans Guard of Canada
AID Aeronautical Inspection District
AIEMSupt Aircraft Instrument and Electrical Maintenance Superintendent
AIF Australian Imperial Force
AIFV Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
AIG Address Indicating Group
AILS(A)D Army Intelligence Liaison Section (Armoured) Division
AILSection Air Intelligence Liaison Section, Army Intelligence Liaison Section
AIR Assistant Instructor's Regiment
AIR CMDRE Air Commodore
AirB Air Bomber
AirBosn Air Boatswain
AirlineCoy Airline Company, Royal Engineers
AIRMOB Airmobile
AirTCon Air Traffic Controller
AIS Aeronautical Inspectors School, Assistant Inspector of Searchlights, Aviation Instructional Staff
AITC(R) Advanced Infantry Training Centre (Reserve)
aka Also Known As, Alias
AL Air Mechanic (Electrics)
AL Ry Australian Light Railway
ALC Army Legal Corps, Australian Landing Craft, Assault Landing Craft
ALD, AL/DFD Acting Lance Dafadar
ALFN Allied Land Forces Norway
ALFSEA Allied Land Forces South East Asia
AlgR, ALQ R, AR Algonquin Regiment, Algerine Escorts
ALI (15th Regiment) Argyll Light Infantry, Argyll Light Infantry
Allce Allowance
ALO Air Liaison Officer, Australian Liaison Officer
ALOC Advanced Logistics Officers Course
ALQ R, AlgR, AR Algonquin Regiment
Alta Alberta
ALTA REGIMENT Alberta Regiment
ALWAR IS INFY Alwar Imperial Service Infantry
AM Albert Medal, Air Mechanic
AM GR1 Air Mechanic Grade 1
AM(No) Admiralty Publication
AM1 Air Mechanic 1st Class
AMAE Air Member for Aeronautical Engineering
AMAP Air Member Air Plan
AMAS Air Member for Air Staff
Amb Ambulance
AMB Armoured Motor Battery
AMB HVLDR Ambulance Havildar
AMB MANNERS Ambulance Manners
AMC Armed Merchant Cruiser, Alberni Military Camp, Army Medical Centre, Arnprior Military Camp, Australian Medical Corps, Army Medical Corps
AMCTD Army Medical Corps Training Depot
AMCU Anti-Malarial Control Unit
AMD Auxiliary Manning Depot
Am'd Amended
AME Armament Maintenance Establishment
AMER American
AMER AMB HOSP American Ambulance Hospital
AMERCA Armament Maintenance Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery
AMF Australian Military Forces
AMFO Assistant Military Forwarding Officer
AMG Allied Military Government
AMHRCAMC Alberni (or Aldershot, Angler, Arvida) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
AMLO Assistant Military Landing Officer
AMM SUB PK, ASP Ammunition Sub Park
Amn, Ammn(Col) Ammunition (Column)
AMO Administrative Medical Officer
AMOE Air Member for Organization and Equipment
AmoTech Ammunition Technician
AMP Air Member for Personnel, Assam Military Police
AMPTE Ambulance Private
AMS Assistant Military Secretary, Air Member for Supply, Air Member for Supply, Army Medical Service or Staff, Australian Minesweepers
AMSC Advanced Military Studies course
AMSupt Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent
AMT Air Member for Training
AMT QM SJT Armament Quarter Master Sergeant
AMT S MJR Armament Sergeant Major
AMTRS Area Mechanical Transport Repair Shops
AMTS Australian Mechanical Transport Service
AMU Air Movements Unit
AN Air Mechanic (Engines)
AN & MEF Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force
A-N SISTER Acting Nursing Sister
ANAV Air Navigator
ANCB Army & Navy Canteen Board
ANCW Australian National Council of Women
AND Admiralty Net Defence
ANGAU Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit
ANGLS Autonomous Navigation and Gun Laying System
ANLO Australian Naval Liaison Officer
ANS Air Navigation School
ANSec Assistant Naval Secretary
ANSON BTTN RND Anson Battalion Royal Naval Division
ANV Army and Navy Veterans
ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
AO Army Order, Area of Operations, Accountant Officer, Air Mechanic (Ordnance)
AOB Advanced Operational Base
AOC Air Officer Commanding
AOC Army Ordnance Corps, Area Officer Commanding, Air Officer Commanding
AOC-in-C Air Officer Commanding in Chief
AOD Army Ordnance Department, Army Ordnance Depot, Adjutant on Duty
AODRCOC Advanced Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
AOF Ancient Order of Foresters
AOP Air Observation Post
AOPSRCA Air Observation Post Squadron, Royal Canadian Artillery
AOPSRCAF Air Observation Post Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
AOS Air Observer School
AOW/SRCOC Army Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
AP Armour Piercing, Ammunition Point, Air Publication, Aid Post, Assigned Pay, Apothecary, Air Police, Administration & Personnel Section (Organization)
A-P CPL Acting Provost Corporal
AP DEPT Army Paymasters Dept
AP&Rs Appointments, Promotions and Retirement List
APA-TR (Advanced Party) Anti-Tank Regiment
APC Armoured Personnel Carrier
APC Army Pay Corps, Army Postal Corps
APCAS Administration Personnel Canadian Army Shows
APCASEU(AS) Administration Personnel Canadian Auxiliary Services Entertainment Unit (Army Shows)
APCBOW/SRCOC Advanced Party Canadian Base Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
APCFC Advance Party Canadian Forestry Corps
APCHRCAMC Alderbrooke Park Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
APD Army Provost Depot, Army Pay Department
APDOFPRCOC Advance Party Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
APDS Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot
APE Address Prior to Enlistment
APFARCAMC Advance Party Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
APHQADADHQ Advanced Party Headquarters Armoured Division Advance Divisional Headquarters
APIS Air Photo Interpretation Section, Army Photographic Interpretation Section
APISCintC Army Photographic Interpretation Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
APLU Army Pay Ledger Unit
APM Assistant Provost Marshal
APO(C) Army Post Office (Corps)
APPCE Apprentice
Appces Appendices
Apptmts Appointments
APPU (Canadian) Army Photo Processing Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
APPUCPC Advance Party Postal Unit Canadian Postal Corps
Appx Appendix
APS Army Postal Service
APS(N) Assistant Private Secretary To the Minister (Navy)
APSS Army Printing and Stationery Services
APTC Army Physical Training Corps
APTo"Z"F Attached Personnel to "Z" Force (Iceland)
AQMG Assistant Quartermaster General
AR Algonquin Regiment, Air Radio, Air Rigger, Assam Rifles
AR MTE Armourer's Mate
AR(1H)CACAP Armoured Regiment, (1st Hussars) Canadian Armoured Corps Advance Party
AR(BCD) Armoured Regiment, British Columbia Dragoons
AR(FGH) Armoured Regiment, (Fort Garry Horse)
AR(GGFG)AD Armoured Regiment, (Governor General's Horse Guards) Armoured Division
AR(GGHG)CA Armoured Regiment, (Governor General's Horse Guards) Canadian Army
AR(H) Armoured Regiment, (Hussars)
AR(LSH)(RC)AF Armoured Regiment, (Lord Strathcona's Horse) (Royal Canadians) Active Force
AR(LSH)AP Armoured Regiment, (Lord Strathcona's Horse) Advance Party
ARA Australian Regular Army
ARAB RIF Arab Rifles
ARB Labourer
ARC Appraisal and Refresher Course, Aircrew (or Army) Reception Centre
ARCM Associate, Royal College of Music
ARCR, AC Armourer's Crew
ARCS Australian Red Cross Society
ARD Alberta Regimental Depot, Alberta Reinforcement Depot, Aircraft Repair Depot, Aircraft Receiving Depot
Area Engr Area Engineer
ARH Army Rail Head
ARITCIC Army Refuge Interrogation Team, Canadian Intelligence Corps
ARL Admiralty Research Laboratory
ARM C COY Armoured Car Company
ARM CAR RN Armoured Cars Royal Navy
Arm(BorG) Armourer (Bombs or Guns)
Arm, Armr Armour, Armourer
Armd Armoured
ARMR S MJR Armourer Sergeant Major
ARmtSPC Armament Systems Performance Checker
ARMW Army Reserve Munitions Worker
ARO Administrative Routine Orders, Admiralty Record Office, Admiralty Reporting Officer
ARP Air Raid Precautions
ARP Ammunition Refilling Point, Air Raid Precautions
ARRC Associate of the Royal Red Cross, Allied (or Army) Rapid Reaction Corps
ARS Army Remount Service, Advanced Regulating Station
Art Artillery, article
ART DPT Artillery Depot
ART ENG, ART ENGR, ArtEngr Artificer Engineer
ART HVLDR Artificer Havildar
ARTech Aircraft Refinishing Technician
ARTFR Artificer
ARTILLERY EA Artillery Egyptian Army
ARTY IDF Garrison Artillery Indian Defence Force
Arty Loc Artillery Locator
Arty Svy Artillery Surveyor, Artillery Survey
Arty Tech Artillery Technician
Arty, Art Artillery
Artymn Artilleryman
ARU Artillery Reinforcement Unit, Australian Remount Unit
ARV Armoured Recovery Vehicle
AS Air Radio Mechanic (Air Wireless), Air Secretary
AS and ACSU Assistant and Acting Surgeon
AS SJT Acting Staff Sergeant
AS&DB Army Salvage & Disposal Board
ASADJ and 2L Assistant Adjutant and Second Lieutenant
ASC Army Service Corps, Advanced Surgical Centre, Aerospace System Engineering Projects Officer
ASCA Auxiliary Services Canadian Army
ASCL Assistant Clerk
ASCO Assistant Commodore
ASCRCE Area Signal Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
ASD Army Schools Department
ASE Army Survey Establishment, Active Service Force
ASGT, ASJT Acting Sergeant
ASH Australian Stationary Hospital
ASHBURNERS LH Ashburner's Light Horse
ASIN Assistant Engineer
ASL Admiral Superintendent, Alexandria
ASLAD Army Signals Light Aid Detachment
ASM Assistant Station Master
ASNU Assistant Nurse
ASO Area Security Officer, Armament Supply Officer, Assistant Supply Officer, Assistant Section Officer, Area Searchlight Officer
ASO(I) Assistant Staff Officer (Intelligence)
ASP Ammunition Sub Park, Admiralty Salvage Pontoon, Air Stores Park (406) (Royal Canadian Air Force)
ASPU Assistant Purveyor
ASR Air Sea Rescue Flight
ASS Army Staff Section
ASS V LH, ASSAMVLH. AVLH Assam Valley Light Horse
ASSAM MP Assam Military Police
ASSAM RIF Assam Rifles
Asst Assistant
ASST BUTCHER Assistant Butcher
ASST CK Assistant Cook
ASST FRN Assistant Foreman
ASST KEL Assistant Steward
ASST LNDRYMAN Assistant Laundryman
ASST SGN, ASST SURGN Assistant Surgeon
ASST STD Assistant Steward
ASST STO Assistant Stoker
AsstNSec Assistant Naval Secretary
AsstPayr, ASST PAYR Assistant Paymaster
ASSU Assistant Superintendent, Air Support Signal Unit
ASTO Assistant Transport Officer
ASU Air Supply Unit, Aircraft Storage Unitrs
ASU Assistant Surgeon
A-SURG Acting Surgeon
ASV Anti-Surface Vessel
AsvyCoy Air Survey Company
ASW Anti-Submarine Warning, Anti-Submarine Warfare
ASWG Australian Special Wireless Group
AT Army Troops, Armoured Train, Auxiliary Tanker, Ocean-going Tug, Air Artificer (Airframes and Engines), Aviation Technician
AT COY, Atps, ATCoy Army Troops Company
ATA Air Transport Auxiliary (British)
ATAT Allied Tactical Air Force
ATB Allied Torpedo Boats
ATB(OR) Army Tank Battalion (Ontario Regiment)
ATBA able to bear arms
ATBHSSRCOC Army Tank Brigade, Heavy Support Squadron, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
ATBOFPRCOC Army Tank Brigade, Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
ATC Advance Training Centre, Air Traffic Centre, Air Traffic Control, Air Training Corps
ATC ENG Army Tunneling Engineers
ATCDE Awarded the Canadian Efficiency Decoration
ATCR Advanced Training Centre Reserve
ATCRCE Army Troops Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
ATF Australian Task Force
ATI Access to Information Act
Atl Atlantic
AtmstSTech Armament Systems Technician
ATO Ammunition Technical Officer, Aircraft Torpedo Office, Air Treasury Office
ATP Annual Training Pay
ATps Army Troops
ATR(1H) Army Tank Regiment (1st Hussars)
ATRRCACASF Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Active Service Force
ATS Army Trades School, Auxiliary Territorial Service
Att, Attchd, Att'd, Attach Attached
ATTA Full duties and return for treatment
ATTB Light Duties - Excused Physical Training Drill and Commanding Officer's Parades, Advance Tactical Training Base
ATTC Excused all duties - Confined to barracks or home
ATTC-48 Excused all duties for 48 hours
ATTD RN DIV, ATTD RND Attached Royal Naval Division
AttP Attached Personnel
ATTU Air Target Towing Unit
ATX Admiralty Trunk Exchange
AU Amplifier Unit
A-U ADTR Assistant Under Administrator
AUCWAC Administrative Unit Canadian Women's Army Corps
AudGeneral Auditor General (National Defence Staff)
AUR All up Round
AUS Army of the United States
AUS VOL HOSP Australian Volunteer Hospital
AUST Australian
Auth Authorized, Authority
Auto Automobile
Aux Auxiliary, Auxiliary Services
AUX Auxilliary
Aux Serv Auxiliary Services
Aux(A) Senior Auxiliary Services Officer (Air)
Aux(N) Senior Auxiliary Services Officer (Naval)
AuxA/SA Auxiliary Anti-Aircraft Ships
AuxMS Auxiliary Minesweepers
AuxServ Canadian Auxiliary Services
AVC Army Veterinary Corps
AVES Australian Veterinary Evacuating Station
AVGO Auxiliary Vessels Gunnery Officer
AVGP Armoured Vehicle General Purpose (Grizzly, Cougar and Bison)
AVH Australian Veterinary Hospital
AVLB Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge
AVLH Assam Valley Light Horse
AVM, A/V/M Air Vice Marshal
AvnTech Aviation Technician
AVR Aircraft Rescue Vessel (US)
AVRE Armoured Vehicle, Royal Engineers
AVS Army Veterinary Service
AvsTech Avionics Technician
AW Administrative Writer
AWAS Australian Women's Army Service
AWC Air Weapons Control, Air War College
AWCoy Artizan Works Company
Awd'd Awarded
AWF Army War College Fellowship
AWL Away With Leave, Absent Without Leave
AWM Australian War Memorial
AWO CL(1,2) Acting Warrant Officer Class 1,2
AWOL Absent without leave
AWS Air War College Fellowship
AWSqn All-weather Squadron
AY, AYR Y, AYR YEO, AyrYeo Ayrshire Yeomanry (Earl of Carrick's Own)