2016 Sabretache

HL Hunley
Confederate submarine HL Hunley. Detail from a painting by Conrad Wise Chapman.


January : "Kilroy was here"

February : German U-boats sunk or damaged by the RCAF in WWII

March : The Battle of the St. Laurence: U-boats in Canada's waterways

April : The Fighting Ballendine Family: Metis snipers in the CEF

May : The Royal Indian Navy Mutiny of 1946

June : The Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister, also known as the Jerrycan

July : 7:28 am 1 July 1916: The Battle of the Somme begins

August : The Confederate submarine HL Hunley: Trying to break the Charleston blockade

September : The railway men of WWI

October : Lieutenant Commander David Balme and the capture of Germany's Enigma Machine

November : "Zone Rouge": France's forbidden no man’s land poisoned by war

December : The USS Arizona: December 7th, 1941, the day the world changed


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