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CMHS Constitution

Sabretache: The CMHS's Monthly Minutes & Newsletter

2021 Newsletters

January No. 1 : Weapons of the NWMP; CEF Battle Patches


2020 Newsletters

January : Waterton Lakes National Park

February : Some Interesting Albertans: Margaret Elliot Thomson McNally; Harry Northover Reeves

Note: Due to Covid-19 and suspension of all regular CMHS meetings, we are adding additonal newsletters and articles. Enjoy, and stay safe!

* March No. 1 : The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal

* March No. 2 : Spanish Flu: The deadliest pandemic in history

April No. 1 : John Colpitts Groome Harrison, NWMP

April No. 2 : A Brave Albertan, F/O Gordon Johnson Cory

April No. 3 : Edison Franklin Lynn, DSO, MC

April No. 4 : John “Jack” Street: Mountie, Hunter, Mountain Guide

May No.1 :The Tragic Case of Flying Officer William Fortt, RCAF

May No. 2 : Flying Officer Wilfred E Baldry

June No. 1 : "GASSED!" Part I

June No. 2 : "GASSED!" Part II

June No. 3 : "GASSED!" Part III

June No. 4 : The Consolidated Canso A, Part of Canada’s Aviation History; David Ernest Hornell, VC

July No. 1 : The Consolidated Canso A, Part II

July No. 2 : Pte. Jeremiah Jones, CFMDS, A Rare Black Soldier in the CEF; Col. Maurice Grey Pearson,

July No. 3 : Black Canadian Soldiers in WWI/WWII

August No. 1 : Brig. WS Ziegler, CBE, DSO, ED

August No. 2 : Canadian Innovation in WWI; David Currie, VC; Canadian Medal of Honour Men; Fred Bing, WAG, RCAF

September No. 1 : Ready, Aye, Ready! Canadians sink their first u-boat

October No. 1 : The RCR Church Parade with a Difference; Angle-Head Flashlights

October No. 2 : The RCMP Motto – Maintien le Droit or Maintiens le Droit?

* November No. 1 : November 11th, 100 Years Ago

November No. 2 : Canada's Armoured Train

December No. 1 : The Strange Saga of HMCS TR41

December No. 2 : North-West Mounted Police, 1873-1885


2019 Newsletters

January : Sgt. Anthony Blaikie, Yukon Motor Machine Gun Battery

February : Charles Cadnash Annance, Mohawk Warrior

March : Frank Norman Deluca, Normandy sniper

April : A Canadian Mk. II Helmet Story

May : A Canadian in the Airborne Artillery

June : D-Day Paratrooper J.C. Ogburn

July : German POW Cemetery in Canada

August : Mary Greyeyes, CWAC

September : Joseph Bradner, A Mountie Goes to War

October : Fox Wellington Patent Puttees

November : In Remembrance, Luman James (Jim) Gale

December : The Sevastopol Cannons in Canada

2018 Newsletters

January : Robert Capa, WWII photographer

February : Frederick Auustus Bagley, NWMP

March : Early military balloons

April : Air Crew Europe Star, real or fake?

May : Sam Steele

June : Queen Elizabeth II

July : WWI Embroidered Postcards

August : Letters from the Russian Front

September : Canadian Auxiliary Services in WWII

October : Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation 65th Anniversary; CMHS Membership Renewal

November : World War I, The Beginning and the End; John McCrae, In Flanders Fields

December : The Sandbag Battery, November 5th, 1854, The Battle of Inkermann, Crimea


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